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Big sales!

The horror flick The Haunting in Connecticut, which was panned by critics when it opened in late march but went on to earn $55 million at the box office (a success for a low-budget shock film), was the top seller on the DVD sales chart last week, according to Nielsen VideoScan First Alert. However the Nicolas Cage sci-fi thriller Knowing remained the top rental film for the second consecutive week, according to Home Media magazine. The direct-to-video Horsemen, starring Dennis Quaid, which faced a stampede of angry online reviewers, came in at No. 5 on the sales chart.

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Rec: Fandom Fest!

Hey Haunting fans! This is my first post, but I've been a fan of the haunting in CT (both TV and movie versions) since...well, I first saw the TV special back in '02 o_O

Anyhew, for those of you that write fiction and create fan art/graphics, I wanted to spread the small fandom fest love and have you guys join and contribute if you're interested?

Technically, Haunting is a small fandom and I plan on submitting prompts and fics/art myself when it begins, but I'd really like to see others too.

Check out smallfandomfest; currently the 5th fest is accepting prompts HERE through the 21st of May and then claiming prompts/posting period is open from May 23rd to July 31st.